Inheritance Theft 

Joel F. Pipes & Associates is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled at identifying inheritance theft and pursing the wrong-doers.

Fiduciary Abuse

When someone who is a trustee or an administrator of an estate, takes advantage and steals money from the estate, justice must be done. That's where our experience, legal advice, and assistance come in.

The improper investment of assets and the theft of money from estates are all-too-common financial wrongdoings. We work for you by going in and recovering mishandled or stolen assets in order to correct these fiduciary abuses.

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We hold estate managers accountable for failing to make their trust or estate productive. A trustee must deal with trust beneficiaries in a fair and responsible fashion, and that is the standard that we hold them to. We will pursue trustees and administrators when they have violated the law. Trustees and administrators who have acted in bad faith can be liable for up to double the value of the property that they have wrongfully taken, concealed, or disposed of.

We track financial transactions in order to trace them back to the trust and detect any foul play. Oftentimes there are caregivers who will take advantage of an elderly person by adding themselves as a beneficiary of the trust or will. We aggressively go after these offenders, protecting elderly people and their rightful heirs from this type misconduct. We conduct extensive discovery including subpoenaing documents, medical records, bank and other financial records in order to help prove your case in a court of law. Joel F. Pipes undefined Associates has experiences at identifying inheritances theft and pursing your remedies against those who are responsible.

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